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October 15, 2008



I'm sorry you fell and injured your tailbone. Sounds painful. But for good news, those buttons are adorable.

√Črica Ambrosio

Congrats for your new store Rachel! I want them, of course.


Congrats on your new store Rachel!!! Im sorry you fell and hurt your bottom. LOL I hope it heals quickly

Thanks for the chance to win those adorable buttons!


Sorry to hear about your accident, hope you're feeling better soon. And many congrats on the move to Scrapartist!:)

Ana Amorim

Oh, I want them, I want them! Pretty please!!! LOL! What a FUN contest! Congratulations on your new store!!!!


Congratulations about new store!!! Sorry to hear about your tailbone! :(
Buttons are so cool and beautiful! Love it! Thank you for chance!!!


Rachel- Awww, man...I hope your butt gets better! (chuckling a little- not at the pain but the fact that I said hope your *butt* gets better LOL)...I know that must kill!
Lovin your new products!! Your stuff is the BOMB!


I LOVE these buttons!!!Congrats with your new Store!!!


those buttons looks great ! I'd love to win them !
hope you'll feel better quickly :-)

Gabi Butcher

In REAAL LIFE??? For REAL???!!!
Ohhh I really want them Rachel!!!
These are so cute!!!


Congrats on the new store!!! And I love the new buttons! Can you just say that you no longer do laundry, it is just to much of a pain in the butt!! LOL


They are super cute! Hope you feel better soon!


Congrats on the new store...sorry about your bottom side.

Thanks for the chance to win these adorable buttons.



Rachel!!! I live in ScrapArtist. Is my HOME!!! Welcome. You'll be in love there :) I'm so happy have you there.


I'm so sorry you fell and injured yourself. That's one really big pain in the butt.....LOL

I love your buttons!!!!!!!!!!!!! May I please have them????



These are Yummmmmmmy!!! Thanks for the chance to win them:)


Ouchy hiney :(

Gimme buttons :)

Sara Fulkerson

My mom cracked hers sledding. Why does remembering her carrying around that donut for weeks make me smile? Oops, I hope my sick sense of humor doesn't disqualify me. I'm so close to having my pix organized so I can start my digital scrapbooking... what a fun idea for a giveaway!


Ooooh these would look so cute on some gift albums I'm making!!



Oh man-sorry about your tailbone. I've broken that and it hurts like heck!
I would LOVE to win these adorable buttons-have a cute little board book I'm working with that they'd just be too cute for. Have a great day and hope you heal fast.

Stephanie C

What is that Pussy Cat Dolls song about Buttons? Ouch on the tailbone but the move to ScrapArtist kinda makes up for it. ;) Yay! :)

Christy Peffly

those buttons are adorable!

Janet Goodlett

I just love these buttons!! I saw them in the shop today. I thought about going back Friday and getting them. They're adorable!



Ouchy on the tailbone! I hope it returns to normal FAST!

Love your new buttons... what a fun idea to give away the real deal! Sign me up! I have a couple hybrid projects that need some real embellies.


These are so cute! I would absolutely LOVE to win them. Thanks so much for the chance!

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